Green Tree Media | 12.6.14 Silas's Early Christmas Party
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A couple years ago – I was blessed to get to meet Silas and his family around Decatur Christian’s homecoming. Silas was at home after treatments for his brain cancer, and Gloria was wanting to get some pictures of him with all his friends who stopped by to visit before the dance. I’ve been closely following him through his Stand by Silas page on facebook and saying prayers for him since then. When I saw the news that his doctors had told him there was nothing more they could do – I immediately contacted Gloria to see if there was anything I could do.
I was so glad that she asked and I was able to be there to help capture Silas’s Early Christmas Party. If you’ve met this young man – you’ll know just how special he is! He has an old soul with a great deal of wisdom for a man his age, and a deep, deep faith. Just walking into the Martin home you can see how many lives he has touched! The walls are covered in posters and signs of support from people all over. And then as the event got underway that realization could only continue to grow because more and more people kept streaming in. People who have been touched by this amazing young man. Who are inspired by him. Support him and Admire him.
It was a simultaneously a wonderful and heartbreaking thing. It was wonderful to see so many people come together to show their support to Silas and his family. And heartbreaking that such an amazing young man should be called home so soon. Here’s just a little peek into the evening I got to spend with the Martin family last Saturday.

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